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                          CERI Equipment Manufacturing & Service Co Ltd, Changchun is a modernequlpment manufacturing joint venture enterprise, which is established by Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited with Jiin Diesel Engine Co Ltd., It is located in the hometown of Chinese deer - the beautiful Shuangyang District, Changchun City. The first project covers an area of 300.000 square meters, the production of building area 45,000 square meters.
                          First-stage construction is metallurgical continuous casting equipment, railwayvehicles, spare parts equipment manufacturing projects, auto mold & windpower parts, second-stage construction is auto parts and emerging industriesprojects.

                          CERI Equipment Manufacturing & Service Co. Ltd . has completed themodernization of management system, technology development, productionorganization and market development. The company will become a strongtechnology development strength and flexibility ofadvanced digital productioncapabilities, the rapid construction of a high level of continuous castingequipment, specialized supporting large-scale processing base of domestic and important parts railway vehicles industry, auto mold wind power parts.
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